Hypnobirthing courses & Postnatal support

A full antenatal programme for a calm and positive birth and beyond


Hypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical...and very effective; a complete antenatal education. It makes a difference to your experience of giving birth and gives you the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Hypnobirthing offers you the tools for a calm, positive and comfortable birth. It equips you with the knowledge and information to make confident, informed choices and empower yourselves throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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"She did it!  Thanks so much.  Amazing sub 4-hour labour with no gas & air or anything.  A miracle.  You are the best! x"

Russell - proud father of Teddy and birth partner of Caroline

"Thanks Julia, I couldn't have done it without the breathing techniques, Flan was an amazing support, the iPod playlist was on and I was visualising you in your living room telling us about the contractions.  The whole thing was 2 hours and I'm so lucky I didn't need any pain relief, stitches or intervention.  Flan caught her head, cut the cord and everything...he is thinking of retraining as a midwife!!!  Thanks again.  It was magical. xx"

Rachel, Flan and baby Annie


My story

My name is Julia Elvidge. I am a hypnobirthing mother of three and hypnobirthing teacher.

I came to hypnobirthing through pure luck. I was a terrified mum-to-be filled with fear and anxiety about giving birth and we were sent on a hypnobirthing course by my fantastic sister-in-law and everything changed! I walked into the course utterly terrified and losing sleep over my anxieties about birth and walked away filled with a sense of calm and confidence. We ended up having an amazing, empowering and positive birth and I embarked on the journey of motherhood calm, confident and happy.

Following our wonderful experience I became passionate about spreading the news of hypnobirthing to other women and families and so trained as a KGHypnobirthing teacher and then furthered my training with Hollie de Cruz of London Hypnobirthing.


I worked with Hollie at London Hypnobirthing for three years alongside teaching hypnobirthing in west London for Calm and Positive birth; I have taught over 180 couples and each individual client's experience has helped me to grow and learn as a practitioner.  I also have the privilege of receiving regular updates and gorgeous baby photos from them as they have embarked on their journeys with their new babies following positive, calm, empowering births themselves.

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Hypnobirthing with Calm and Positive Birth

When to attend


You can begin your Hypnobirthing preparations anytime from 20 weeks - the longer you have to practice the techniques and feel relaxed and confident in your pregnancy, the better. If you are approaching your due date, I also offer intensive one-to-one courses and we can arrange a date and time to suit you.


"Your course goes way above and beyond what we expected!"

Carrie and baby Teddy

What the course covers


Following the course, you and your birth companion will be equipped with the knowledge and information necessary for you to make informed choices and prepare fully for a calm and positive birth.

We will cover a range of tools to help you to remain calm and comfortable during labour, including three breathing techniques. Audio downloads will help you both in your preparation in the months and weeks leading up to the birth, as well as during the birth itself.

As well as equipping couples with knowledge and tools for a calm, positive and empowering birth, I also provide continuous support right up to and beyond the birth.  I am in contact daily with a positive affirmation sent over text and always on hand to answer questions and provide reassurance and encouragement. 


"Hi Jules, on Monday morning I went into labour and at 5:17 this morning Archie was born! We had the most incredible birth and I can honestly say I loved every second. It was everything I was hoping it could be and I'm now sitting with Thorf and our little bubba replaying each bit. It all felt so calm and we felt in total control the whole way through. I am in a totally blissed out state so before I crash I just wanted to say thank you so much. None of it would have been possible without everything you've taught us. All the midwives on duty at Queen Charlotte's last night now know all about you (I got a bit gushy the second I stepped into the birthing pool). I really am unbelievably grateful. Em xxx"

Emily, Thorfinn and baby Archie

Course dates and costs

All group courses are online currently.  Private courses can be arranged in person. 


Group Course

The group course usually takes place over a few sessions lasting approximately 8 hours in total and they are designed for both the mother and the birth companion to attend.

Hypnobirthing is about working as a team and so the birth companion is an integral part of keeping the mother calm and focused during the birth and to support her in the lead up the birth and the important few weeks after.


It will be a maximum of 4 couples per online group to ensure there are opportunities for all couples to ask questions and interact with each other.


Upcoming course dates:

June/July  (1 space left)

Saturday 25th June - morning

Wednesday 29th June - evening

Wednesday 6th July - evening

Wednesday 13th July - evening 


Sunday 11th - morning

Wednesday 14th - evening 

Wednesday 21st - evening

Wednesday 28th - evening

More autumn dates coming soon

The cost for the full online course is £290 and includes all course materials and books, 3 audio tracks, as well as continuous contact, advice and support from the moment you book with me right up to the birth and beyond.


Private Course

If you cannot make any of these dates or you’d prefer to have a private course, I can also run one-to-one sessions at dates and times to suit you either online or in your home. Please get in touch to find out more about doing a private course.

I am Acton W3.  I teach couples from Acton, Chiswick, Shepherd's Bush, Hammersmith, Ealing, Brentford as well as further afield.



Testimonials for Calm & Positive Birth



Please get in touch to book onto a course or to find out more about Calm & Positive Birth Hypnobirthing.



07876 641 664


Ben and I were recommended to try hypnobirthing by a friend who suggested that it might be helpful for us to deal with some anxiety we had due to the fact that we had premature twins previously, a very stressful birth and then a two month stay on a neonatal unit. 

Julia was amazing; she put us at ease immediately and we spent two extremely relaxing and informative afternoons discussing positive birth stories, breathing techniques, positive affirmations, and coping skills for birth and beyond. 

I felt very able to cope with the early stages of labour using my newly acquired breathing and visualisation techniques, we even managed to make sure that our twin sons could open all of their stocking presents (it was Christmas day), before leaving to go into hospital. Leonora was born shortly after we arrived on the labour ward and we were able to go home the next day which was wonderful. 

I have and will continue to recommend Julia to friends and family. Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool for coping not only with birth, but also breastfeeding and life as a parent! 

Hannah, Ben and baby Leonora

Thank you so much for your support on the hypnobirthing course, it led to a huge change in our approach to Louis' birth, and we had a really positive experience as a result.

Before doing the course, we wouldn't have considered a home birth, but through getting more informed and then spending time thinking and talking about it all, we were able to create an environment that worked beautifully for us. I think the hypnobirthing made such a huge difference to us. I will be recommending it to everyone now!


Ania, Stu, Robin and baby Louis


Photo by Louise Rose Photography

I have always tried to live by the saying 'mind over matter' but as a anxious person, this is easier said than done. 

A friend recommended trying hypnobirthing when I was pregnant to help me with the huge anxiety I had created around the birth. It seemed the perfect opportunity to put my motto into practice. 
I had no idea how powerful language can be and the influence of other people's birth stories or how birth is portrayed in the movies. Julia taught me to change the language we used from negative to positive, for example changing contractions, which conjures up painful associations, to surges - a much more calming concept.    She also taught me the confidence to block out other people's birth stories, since everyone loves to tell you how terrible theirs was! Instead I started to look forward to my birth as I knew my body was capable of delivering my baby.     Each day I received affirmations from Julia which encouraged me. I practised the breathing techniques she taught me whilst commuting to work or whenever I was in a 'stressful' situation. I learnt that adrenaline was my enemy and oxytocin was my friend. 
When the time came for me to have my baby, I stayed at home and breathed through my surges. I went to the hospital at 7cm dilated and continued focussing on my breathing to deliver my beautiful baby boy. I was astounded that I did not need pain relief at the time but on reflection, why would I?! Hypnobirthing got me through!

Fran, Mat and baby Rafe

We began Julia's course as two anxious individuals; me terrified of labour and my husband worried that he would be powerless to help.

After our two sessions we understood so much more about how (and why) we should approach birth with calmness and positivity. The hypnobirthing techniques we learned and practised allowed me to remain calm and confident throughout my labour, and gave my husband a highly effective set of tools to encourage and support me on the day. We credit the smooth delivery of our son to this and would recommend hypnobirthing to all future parents without hesitation.

Laura, Tom and baby Leo

We were immediately struck by Julia’s experienced teaching style and her ability to engage the group at their level. She tells, and truly believes in, positive birthing stories that both reassure and inspire. In all honesty I had some scepticism prior to starting the course, but Julia has an open and honest empathy that simply meets you halfway, and guides you the rest of the way. A truly empowering experience, thank you so much for being part of our journey. We are looking forward to our own positive birth story and whatever the next chapter brings!

Amy, Monty and baby Isaac

Our baby girl arrived at 6.20 this morning at home and in the pool! My son was asleep upstairs, she managed to be born before he woke up! It really was the birth we had hoped for. Rich was awesome. The birth pool was brilliant and being at home was fantastic.  Thank you so much Jules, what a different experience from last time xxxx


Rose, Rich, big brother Max and baby Zoe




Thank goodness for Julia - for so many reasons.

My fist delivery was fine - I was alive and I had a baby.  Or so I thought until my second.

My daughters birth was painful, out of control and really quite terrifying.  I knew I wanted another child if we could, but the delivery was certainly not something to consider lightly.  Then I met the lovely Julia - and very quickly got on board with a totally new attitude.  I'm not a particularly spiritual person, but Julia's approach and much of what she was discussing with us really resonated.  We did the course one on one with her and my entire pregnancy was a completely different experience.  No anxiety or panic, no worries about delivery and total faith that my body was doing what it was designed to do.  Julia's approach was perfect - just the right amount of detail and information and lots of helpful suggestions - relevant to us - a truly personal experience. 

During the delivery I was really quite calm - I knew I could do this and I knew more of my options.  I can honestly say I was excited about what was happening - the visualisations and breathing were remarkable tools and I had exactly the delivery I had hoped was possible.  My  son even seemed to arrive calmly; I was calm - and the memory is 100% happy and relivable.

Sitting here today with a very happy and healthy young family, I can honestly say I would like to do it again and Julia's phenomenal support and advice is undoubtedly the overriding factor in that - I couldn't recommend her course highly enough and if you're lucky enough to listen to some of her pearls of wisdom, I have no doubt they will benefit you (and your support team) not only during pregnancy and delivery, but well into motherhood and parenting.

Kirsty, Tom, Poppy and baby Max

Birth for me, as a new mum-to-be, was a terrifying prospect. A dip in to the complete unknown, which, for someone that plans and organises for a living was more than a bit unnerving.

A good friend suggested we look in to some hypnobirthing techniques and having read in to it we felt like we wanted to explore further.

From the moment we met with Jules we were greeted with such calm reassurance that all apprehension seemed to vanish. She took the time to get to know us personally and tailored the course specifically for us. 

Our birth wasn't the most straight forward in the end and I entirely attribute the fact I consider the experience to have been so incredibly positive to the techniques Jules gave us.


I cannot recommend a course with Jules highly enough.

Kiera, James and baby Kaiya




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