Calm and Positive Postnatal Care Package


I am now also delighted to be offering a postnatal care “add-on” to my hypnobirthing courses. This service was designed to provide ongoing support to the mothers I have taught in pregnancy but is also available to other mothers (and fathers) who are looking for assistance and encouragement in the fourth trimester.

About postnatal support


So much (almost all!) of antenatal preparation is about preparing us for birth, which in pregnancy, does seem to be the natural thing to focus upon (and it's very hard to visualise or have any understanding of whta it will be like); but after the birth has happened, we parents suddenly find ourselves at home with absolutely no clue as to how look after our baby and it can be the most overwhelming, terrifying part of the whole experience!


Hypnobirthing for me was amazing for the two births of our daughters but even more invaluable, I found, for providing us with tools to become calm and confident parents.

When I started teaching hypnobirthing, I was asked countless times if I would consider doing a postnatal course.

Initially I shied away from the idea because I truly believe that there is no one right or wrong way to parent (and that we all find the way that is right for US) so I thought if I ran a postnatal course, it would seem like a) I was telling parents what to do and b) like I was pretending to the world that I know what I’m doing!!

However, the more women I have worked with, kept in touch with after their babies had arrived and met as mummy-friends, the more I realised that there is a serious lack of support available to new parents at this extraordinarily overwhelming and vulnerable time.


What I offer women in my package is neither advice on what to do nor how to parent but to help remind them to listen to their own maternal intuition (and sometimes help guide them back to their instincts as in times of extreme anxiety, it can be hard to hear the voice of our intuition amongst all the other noise) and tools and tips to help remain calm themselves, which in turn helps their babies to feel calm and content.

What’s included in the Calm and Positive Postnatal Package?


  • Ongoing support and encouragement over text/email/calls for the duration of the fourth trimester (first three months postpartum)

  • My booklet of notes filled with information, tips and helpful reminders (and as a pdf e-book)

  • Daily affirmations on text

  • A home visit (within the first 6 weeks) during which I answer questions, provide encouragement and reassurance, signpost you to the best care/support/professionals if necessary; we discuss tools for remaining calm, confident and content in the fourth trimester. It is an opportunity to troubleshoot any issues that you might be experiencing, learn and practice some calming techniques and a guided relaxation/meditation to help you to reduce stress levels and find some zen.

  • (Additional home visits can be arranged on request)

Package costs:

If booking with the hypnobirthing course, it is £350 (£290+£60)

To book separately after you’ve done the hypnobirthing course with me, it is £70

To book the package alone, without having done hypnobirthing with me, it is £100 (This includes an extra meeting to learn some basics of hypnobirthing-related basics and self care).

How to book:

Please contact me at or on 07876 641 664 to book in and arrange a date for my visit.

07876 641 664